Do your customers always buy from other marketers but never from you?


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Time's too precious to waste it on people who don't appreciate you. Forget about chasing friends and family away or getting rejected by angry cold-calling prospects.

Use Igor's Daily Done For You Emails to automate your marketing.
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Have Your Best Prospects Come To You!

Besides totally automating your prospecting and marketing, email persuasion has another hidden benefit. When done right, it turns your prospects into irrational buyers who refuse to work with anyone else but you.

It doesn't matter how much proof the other competitors have or how slick their websites are. Prospects who read your daily emails will crawl over broken glass to work with you.

Live The Email Lifestyle.

Who said a profitable online business has to be complicated and time consuming?

Simplify your life. Live the email lifestyle.

Emails don't take naps, they don't require supervision and they work around the clock to close your prospects for you so you don't have to!

Must-Have Bonus For Busy "Non-Techie" Marketers

Email marketing is awesome. But it only works if you’re consistent. Let us not only write your emails for you, but also install them in your Autoresponder and hit the send button for you to make sure you never miss a mailing.

Give us permission to fully automate your email marketing for you… FOR FREE!

You won’t have to worry about screwing anything up or having to puzzle out autoresponder settings. Sit back and relax while we set your automated sales machine up for you.

But you have to act FAST because this bonus is only available to those who act before this introductory offer expires.


High quality emails are not a commodity, and there are only so many to go around. Having been serving clients with high quality emails for over a decade, we’ve built a large database of repeat customers. 100% of our email inventory is allocated to serve these clients at this time.

At this time we’re not accepting new clients, because we’re committed to the success of our best customers.

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Clients Share Success Stories

Major Lance Sumner

Digital Altitude Top Earner
"Igor's new done for you emails service is practically guaranteed to grow your online business"

Alex Kischer

Digital Altitude Affiliate
"Believe it or not, Igor, But I've made 62 Digital Altitude Sales Using Your Traffic And Your Emails!"

Devon Brown

Founder of "The Easiest Sales System"
"Igor is my secret weapon. His ability to write engaging emails that convert is second to none."

Frequently Asked Questions

Which autoresponder do you support?

We support all major autoresponder companies. GetResponse and SendLane are our favorites.

I don't know how to set up my autoresponder or how to load emails. Will you help?

Yes, we will. In fact, if you submit your order before the timer above runs out, we'll not only write your emails, but also load them into your autoresponder for you at no charge so you don't have to lift a finger. We'll also provide you with over the shoulder tutorials every step of the way.

What if I don't have an email autoresponder yet?

It's very easy to get one. We will walk you through signing up for a free trial with one of the best autoresponder companies on the market and hold your hand to assist you in setting it up. You'll be up and running, blasting emails in no time!

Is this a monthly thing? What's your cancellation policy?

This is a monthly service. You may cancel at anytime. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefuly before placing an order.

Can I still write my own emails?

You absolutely can and should! We encourage you to email your list with your own emails in addition to the emails we write for you. I explain how to do that and why it's healthy for your list and your bottom line inside.

Will the emails you write contain any specific details about me and/or my business opportunity?

Unlike what you've been told, you don't need to be an open book to your list and prove you're a real person, build a relationship or give value. I discovered the most profitable to email marketing and it revolves around one key concept - infotainment. This means, your emails will be informative and entertaining at the time. They'll pull your subscribers by their shirt collar and pull them in. Why? Because we'll be spending a lot of time in the prospect's world, and not your own. This is where the big money is. The reader doesn't care about your daughter's preschool accomplishments or your golf score. They care about themselves. And that's exactly what we give them.